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If you desire to meet these two,

and would like to know what movement

all 3 of us are a part of,

you can see our community here now.


To the Organization You & Your Family Deserve,

Me Jeffrey Combs Interviews Susan Sly: Organization and Production Millionaire Secrets









David Emil Lombard

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In Passionate Action Over Perfection,

ReleasingPerfection 300x146 Passion Over Perfection: Releasing Perfection to Step Into Your Greatness






David Emil Lombard

PS – See here where our passion is & why new folks with no experience are succeeding by simply taking action ; )

Click & Listen to the Amplified Network Marketing

‘Expert Interview’ Podcast Series Here:



“The #1 Must Do Spring-time Action

That Most Network Marketers Neglect”



In Creating A Clearing For A New Season of Abundance,

HomeBusinessOfficeOrganizationTaxTips 300x177 Home Business Office Organization & Tax Time Spring Essentials for Networkers.








David Emil Lombard

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productivehomeoffice  How to Have a More Productive Home Office [Guest Post   Jim Kwik]

Working from home has its advantages, like the ability to set your own hours and a total lack of commute time. But it can be hard to work when your ‘home office’ is just a desk in your bedroom, and your roommates don’t understand that just because they’re home lounging in their sweatpants doesn’t mean that you can afford to do the same. So we’ve got tips to help you build a more productive home office – both the classics and the unexpected.

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Taking one day to rest, recharge, refuel your soul with nature, meditation, contemplation, or anything that silences your mind, will ground you back in inspiration.

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As you click and watch this video tour,
you may become aware of new ways to
manifest what you REALLY want
in every area of your life…
…and you’ll realize even more things
you didn’t know you could create,
 as you watch this video blog.

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2013 was nothing less than epic and more than I could’ve ever imagined…adventure, breakthroughs, inspiration, & FUN with so many amazing people that I absolutely cherish….thank you ALL!

In 2014 I’m stepping into the unknown each day,
doing what it takes to show up as the best version of myself each day, & continuing to follow my Heart, further embracing my Purpose… as we Live Our Dreams…together!!!

With Love,


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