Implementing Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week – Part I.


Have you ever had one book or audio that you kept saying you were going to read, but for some reason, just figured it could wait?


Me too; and let me tell you not reading Tim Ferris,’ ‘4 Hour Work Week’ was hands down the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in this way.


Even more than a practical how to strategy/tactical guide, the 4 Hour Workweek will probably help you create a new/refined vision for your business.


What I mean is, had I read this earlier, the vision for what I truly wanted and how to go about designing it in my business would’ve been different.


I guess it was good for me to get the experience & mentorship I got in traditional network marketing (& its residuals) and sales training at one of Tony Robbins’ companies.  Do I want the lifestyle that either of those provides? The parts that work, yes.  The time constraints and being the ‘bottleneck’ of flow in the business, no.


This is a great lead-in to the spirit of the book and what I took away as its main point; don’t be the ‘bottleneck’ in the business model, if you truly want freedom, as its defined by the NR (Tim’s acronym for the ‘New Rich’).


Essentially, the NR value time freedom, adventure, discovering & live one’s purpose, and giving back, even more than income.



A big part of the book as it starts is seeing where you can take yourself out of the picture.


After finish the 4 Hour Work Week, my 1st action item was to implement a refined voice mail (contained within the book) & an email auto-response for my personal email (w/ FAQ directions).



Tim said after doing this, 90% of people’s questions were answered with his FAQ directions in the email response.  How smart is that?!


I did something like this once before, but not as well, & my previous business model had me on the phone all day, so it couldn’t work.  That’s the beauty & blessing of having a turn-key internet profit machine : )

ferris Implementing Tim Ferris 4 Hour Work Week   Part I.I guess before you tweak your system, make sure you’re in the right system.  As I said, these changes wouldn’t have worked in my previous model.

Tim has some recommendations in his book and I can also show you what we’ve used to change over to a completely online business that doesn’t depend on us being there.

I can tell you one awesome thing about learning each of the concepts in this book; each section has a couple killer quotes based on the topic being taught.  I must have gotten like 15 of the best and most relevant quotes I’ve ever heard! I really enjoyed this as the quotes seemed to be more than normal quotes; they really illustrated each new lesson and I enjoyed this a lot.


Moving on, I’m sure you’re ready for some more actions items and nuggets I’m implementing from the 4 Hour Work Week.


3 times a day ask; “Is this productive or just active?”



In the spirit of this, I’m really taking to heart what Tim says about consuming a ‘Low Info Diet.’


Being on many email lists, having Facebook, Twitter, & having a list of SO many books/articles/videos and content I want to consume, I am tightening the ropes big time.


Only in set leisure time will I be consuming content and I am taking on no new information.  I have WAY more than plenty, and I’m sure you do too (given its strategy & tactics on the platform you need for what you want).



Next, I asked, “What can I eliminate from my day to generate 5 times as many leads/sales from increased productivity?”



If you don’t begin by asking the question, the subconscious can never begin to work on the extended answer for you, my friends.



Then I asked, “Whats the one thing I can consistently do without fail daily?”



For me, this is having heart-felt authentic connections

with at least 3 new friends each day

and cultivating creative ways to stay in touch.


That is all my business model takes to profit monthly.


I have committed to tightening up my list & team emails.


Increased Output = Decreased Input.



In addition to my new email response w/ FAQ’s I mentioned earlier, I am going back to the effective practice I began to slack on; only checking email twice during the work day (especially all you in my business who check every 10 minutes to see your new commissions – this takes discipline, I know! : ) Its worth it).


I now am committed to only checking email at 12PM EST & 4PM EST.


What activities do you do multiple times a week or a day that you can ‘Batch?’


For me, email & laundry are the big ones.   Exercise is everyday to keep me in peak state, so there’s no batching there.


In ‘Implementing Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Workweek – Part II.,’ we’ll get into outsourcing our lives and the specifics involved therein.


Thanks for your ‘Likes,’ shares, & comments! People deserve to hear about what’s truly possible!


To Being Great Truth Ambassadors,

David Emil Lombard

BTW – If you’re looking for a ‘System in a Box,’

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