MLM Techniques – Powerful Closing Questions

Mlm techniques that relate to closing the ‘sale’ really means opening up the relationship with the right person.



Remember, crucial mlm techniques like masterful closing questions, are ones that solve problems or dreams which are emotional and close to your prospect’s heart.



Here are three of my favorite closing questions for a qualified person who is on the fence…


empower160x6002 MLM Techniques   Powerful Closing QuestionsPlease, if you’re someone who has to have everything absolutely perfect and controlled, you need to go easy on yourself don’t expect to be an expert at these right away.


It takes practice and repetition until you can focus on the person and bring them back to their pain with the right questions.  I listen to my millionaire mentor teach these mlm techniques on our daily morning training calls for 4 yrs and I still learn every time I hear her refine these questions. Then I implement or re-implement the improved questions immediately so it becomes auto-suggestion.



Really though, mlm techniques for closing come down to learning to hear what people mean, not what people say.



Again, mastery of these mlm techniques this just comes over time. Its more your prospects tone, energy, & pace. Also, another one of these key mlm techniques has to do with discrimination of your prospect giving you what is called ‘a tell,’ by the combination of objections you get.



If you get 3 completely different objections, typically that is a sign that something else is holding them back. In that case, I would simply ask, “So whats really holding you back?” I would ask this in a very empathetic, humble way, to show them I want to help them through their perceived roadblock, so they can get what they really want.



Of the mlm techniques for masterful closing, the questions in the video above are three of my favorite.  The first to overcome the money objection asks, “If not this then what, (name)? Honestly…?” That usually gets them real humble and has them see through their own stuff.  With the right person, you can really hold them accountable and ask, “Where else is that showing up in your life?” It has to be the right person and context because that is definitely holding their feet to the fire, so to say.



Lastly of those favorite three, when they object with time or money, I ask, “how does that make you feel?” Again this holds them accountable to getting out of that life. The right people will get started using these techniques.



Some of my other great closing questions I use daily include:


  • How long have you wanted to hit your ideal weight and energy?
  • How many other things have you tried and how much have you spent on them?
  • Who else close to you will be affected by you making a transformation? Or,
  • How much longer can you and your family continue to survive on this income?
  • Can you imagine what it would be like to be a living example and help other families begin to design their lives instead of just surviving?
  • How do you think your kids will feel when you’re able to take them on those trips?



Others include, “How do you think it’ll feel if you never get to take that tour of Australia and New Zealand you say you want to take? Would you rather live the pain of regret or take action on what you say you want?”



You get the idea. MLM techniques for closing are questions that solve people’s problems by bringing them back to why they are looking at your opportunity in the first place.  Here is another great post for you on closing by my friend Todd Falcone.



Do it with heart, care, & love. Remember, give yourself time; becoming a ‘master question asker,’ like being a master at anything, takes 10,000 hours of practice.


Learn while you earn these techniques my friends!

To Your Closing Mastery,

David Emil Lombard

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