Solavei – Marketing Secrets to Become a Top Earner


You’ve landed on this article either as somebody who is considering joining Solavei (given you had a sustainable marketing plan that didn’t involve chasing friends & family), or you’re already, sick of the previously mentioned pattern, & looking to take your business to the next level.

The good news is, either way, like any real business, you’re going to have to learn real marketing.  It will also be critical to learn how to scale the business; meaning exponentially grow in profitability while continuously removing yourself from the process, more and more.


In this post I’m going to share with you some strategies my 7 & 8 figure mentors have shown me that have allowed me to; enroll strangers in my business daily online, only get on the phone with pre-screened people who join, & generate more leads everyday while working less.  Please comment, ‘Like,’ Share, & enjoy!  You can live the ‘3-5 year lifestyle’ in 90 days – with focus & a real plan.



 #1 Marketing Secret to Become a Solavei Top Earner:  The Right Marketing Strategy for You



solavei1 Solavei   Marketing Secrets to Become a Top EarnerIf you’ve been in the home based business industry for any length of time, you’ve surely been told by your enrolling sponsor/upline leader, to make a list of 200 names, go to some events, get on the horn, & follow up with consistency.


This unfortunately only works for less than .5 % of the folks who do it, and the ones that are profitable are often on the phone for over 6 hours a day.


Did you get in Solavei to become a telemarketer?  Do you really think your friends and family are like-minded and looking to re-design their lives like you are? Typically, as most find, the answer is no.  That is why we love our family & old friends, but choose our new ones from here on out.



Instead of doing things that will burn you out, keep you broke, & make you the bottleneck in your business (meaning it relies on you to run),  guidance on picking the proven real marketing method that fits your personality, will set you free in Solavei.



You may not have known that there is a marketing medium/strategy/platform  & corresponding tactics, for almost every type of talent out there.  By telling everyone they need to build Solavei the same way, you’re making 90% of your prospects run away, because they would never want to do what you’re doing.  This is part of the reason the industry has some of the stigma it does; people don’t want to be ‘that guy’ or girl.


For example, if you’re a numbers person, very analytical, & maybe even a little shy, you could explode a Solavei business learning and implementing SEO or even some PPC.  It doesn’t matter that you have no idea what those are – the point is they’re proven to work and work best for people who have the personality I mentioned.


On the other hand you could be somebody who is totally outgoing, loves people, and is a talented speaker and artist.  You’d build Solavei with passion and a fulfilling depth of creativity doing viral syndication strategies on the social networks (getting others to share your content getting you leads & sales), or maybe even doing videos.


Maybe you’re like me and you do a combination of the two to start.    Either way, you need a marketing mentor to assist you to discover which fits you the best, and which would have you doing something, that tapped into a part of you that felt so natural, you lost track of time.


In the eastern traditions, this is called discovering your Dharma, or purspose…in an unexpected place – like I did ; )


This video will begin to show you how to discover the right proven system for you, that you’ll enjoy, & that will bring you daily leads and sales repeatedly, without hammering the phone….


videocap18 Solavei   Marketing Secrets to Become a Top Earner




 #2 Marketing Secret to Become a Solavei Top Earner:  Build A List & Monetize It



Who are you seeking to enroll into your Solavei business?  Is your mind wrapped around saving everyone you know money on their cell phone bill? Yes?  Okay; then its time to make a shift. Its great that you have belief in your product & service, but now we have to focus on the people who can build you the biggest Solavei organization.


Its been said in our profession that one business builder is equal to 10K product users.  I equate this to what an NFL scout goes through.  He is looking for players who have the experience to become professionals and get paid as such.


That said, the NFL scout doesn’t go to college field hockey games to scout, right? Exactly…and neither should you.   When you’re hanging on the phone for hours a day prospecting semi-qualified folks for Solavei, that is what you’re doing.



You want to put your time and energy into marketing, so the only people you get on the phone with are people who have shown they’re serious by buying.


Once you’ve gotten together with your marketing mentor and have your marketing method chosen, its time to solve problems (definition of an entrepreneur) for your target market:  others in direct sales/network marketing/affiliate marketing.


That’s right; you’re going to solve problems for a profit – some profits immediately, some on the back end.   You don’t want to just pitch these prospects on Solavei right away, like every other fool is doing on Facebook, for example.


When you immediately pitch your business to another person in the industry, it shows that you don’t give a hoot about them, and its all about you.  People do business with those they know, like, & trust.


Also, majority of them aren’t looking for another opportunity; they’re looking for help solving problems in their own business that they’re upline leader can’t solve for them, such as:


  • lack of constant flow of qualified leads
  • lack of daily customer sales
  • lack of daily distributor/rep enrollments
  • too much time spent on the phone & doing 3-way calls
  • lack of duplication (people talking big game w/ little production)
  • lack of retention



Your job is to share your own personal DAILY triumphs/challenges with your list, so they can see you’re taking action and begin to relate with who you are.  Not everybody will like you.  If you try to please every body (I am a re-covering people pleaser), life will be exhausting and you won’t get where you want to be in Solavei.


Next, you’ll want to serve them be offering high commission, affiliate training products/services/systems, that have been proven to solve the problems mentioned above.  I prefer 100% commissions (see link/video below).


This will allow you to develop a trusting relationship with the targeted list your building and become ‘the connector’ in their eyes.  You do this while you’re out living life with pre-loaded email copy (provided by the system below), sent out via your email auto-responder.


This video will show you how to have this all set up for you, so you can profit from the 90% of your list who isn’t yet ready for Solavei.   This is called a ‘funded proposal.’



What’s interesting is that after seeing the value you’re able to connect them to, many will start to ask, one by one, what business you’re in ; ) That’s when you bring in Solavei on the back end. Sponsoring becomes simple and automatic once you get this going…..



empower59 Solavei   Marketing Secrets to Become a Top Earner


You absolutely need an attractive way to market Solavei or nobody is going want to join you because they think what you’re doing sucks.



I look forward to working with you to make sure your marketing doesn’t suck and you become a top recruiter in the next 90 days.  Its possible that fast with leverage ; )

To Your Vision,


PS - In addition to using attractive marketing, you have to get new reps paid in the first 30 days or they’ll go search for someone else who can get them Solavei +100% Commissions - don’t let that happen ; ) End the phone slavery and wussy commissions now…

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