Syntek Global – Recruiting Strangers Online & Selling While Sleeping

You’re reading this Syntek Global article, either as somebody who’s considering joining and wondering how exactly you’d build the business besides hounding friends on the phone, or you’ve been in a little while, seeking to become more profitable and work less.



You are in the right place, my friend.  The truth is, you do have to learn how to market like any real business if you want Syntek Global to pay you that way.  Making a list of 200 family, neighbors, & local business owners to call for two hours every night, is a sure way to make sure nobody joins you (because what you’re doing isn’t attractive), and people actually run away when they see you coming : )


Don’t worry – I’m going to show you the secrets strategies top online earners are using to spend more time with their families, take home way more commissions, and get to the ‘3-5 year’ lifestyle in 90 days, with some serious focus.  I’ve been mentored by 7 & 8 figure income earners and I want you to be able to do what you want when you want like they’ve assisted me to be able to do.  Please share, Like, & Comment if you find value, & enjoy!


Syntek Global Sales & Recruiting Funnel Secret #1: Build & Serve A Targeted List


If you’re brand new in the industry, welcome.  I have good news; if you’re willing to focus for a couple months, you don’t have to make 30 dials a day and go to weekly networking events to crush it in Syntek Global.  You’re friends and family can find out casually and I recommend the ‘cool cat’ approach, or TOTAL ‘take-away’ with them.  Just say, “Oh its nothin,” until it kills them.  Or, “Oh ya, I hear ya – I use this stuff that…,” then shut up.  If they want it, they’ll let you know.


syntek Syntek Global   Recruiting Strangers Online & Selling While Sleeping


While those things will happen as you live life, that’s no way to build a calculated, scalable, predictable, & measurable Syntek Global income.   You’re an entrepreneur (or becoming one) and you have to learn and implement effective marketing to solve the problem your target market is having.


In this case, your target market are other direct sales people/network marketers/affiliate marketers.  The number one mistake I see new and seasoned people make is that they immediately try to pitch Syntek Global on this person in the same profession, who is obviously open to making money from home.


When you do this, you make it about you, not about them.  The way you build a big list to market to on autopilot with and pre-written emails from an email auto-responder, is by giving them information to help them solve the problems that inherently come up.  Share your struggles and victories about how you go through something; people love to see the real you.  The speed of the leader is the speed of the pack.


Then with your autoresponder, provide them proven affiliate training products, tools & systems that have been shown to get them results in their biggest trouble areas (& USE these products yourself so you passion around them):


  1.  More qualified leads
  2. More customer sales
  3. More distributor enrollments
  4. Better retention
  5. Exponential continual growth
  6. Growing a team culture


Here’s the truth; 90% of this target list you’re building aren’t open or looking for another opportunity, so its your job to make them raving fans by being ‘the connector’ who solves these problems their upline can’t, & monetize the majority of your list who isn’t going to join Syntek Global…yet.


There are differences in products out there.  I prefer the ones that have the most proven results and get me 100% commissions on the front end from strangers who get on my list from my marketing.


This video will show you how to use this system to do all this automatically while you’re out living life, & only get on the phone with those who buy a product or join you in Syntek Global…


videocap13 Syntek Global   Recruiting Strangers Online & Selling While Sleeping



Syntek Global Sales & Recruiting Funnel Secret #2: The Marketing Strategy for YOU.



Regardless of what you may have been told, whether you’re new or seasoned, everybody should not build their Syntek Global business the same way.


Did you know that for nearly every talent, passion, & skills exists a similar proven online marketing medium that solves problems, builds trust with a new audience, & can get you to 6 figures in Syntek Global on two hours daily?


You should have a marketing mentor, and once they help you identify what this strategy will be for you, you should find a new joy and creative outlet once you get going.


Here’s an example.  I used to be on the phone all day and night, just to earn a medium 4 figure monthly income with my primary business.  Once my marketing mentor showed me how he makes twice the income (3 mil residual) as my other mentor, and only works 2 hrs a day tops, it all changed!


Now instead of making 30 dials a day and prospecting for people, I only get on the phone with those who have already bought something from the marketing I put out there.  So its better to spend your time marketing instead of prospecting.  This is a huge shift from what traditional network marketers are used to – trust me; I used to be one of them.



This will also assist you to only spend time with Syntek Global buyers who are serious.



Then once you get going a little bit, you can do what I do;  have an assistant pre-screen these new reps to qualify them for an interview, strategy session with you.  People will then fight to earn time with you ; )



So now instead of doing that, I write, take pictures, & make videos, & promote them with auto-syndication tools.  That is all I do each day…period. Now because of it, I get consistent daily leads, sales, & enrollments; its not sporadic any more.  Spend your time marketing.


Now that marketing method my not fit your personality.  For example, if you’re very analytical, numbers oriented, & introverted lets say; you’d probably resonate and enjoying using SEO or even PPC.  It would be fulfilling and you’d see consistent growth in your Syntek Global business and especially your front end income from your funnel.


On the other hand, if you are somebody who is very outgoing, and loves being out and about; you’ll most likely love and do well with viral syndication strategies on the social networks.


Use the link below to figure out which strategy will be best for you to build a big list of raving leads, monetize them on the front end with 100% commissions products, & work less while you enroll more Syntek Gl0bal distributors.




You absolutely need an attractive way to market Syntek Global or nobody is going want to join you because they think what you’re doing sucks.



I look forward to working with you to make sure your marketing doesn’t suck and you become a top recruiter in the next 90 days.  Its possible that fast with leverage ; )

To Your Vision,


PS - In addition to using attractive marketing, you have to get new reps paid in the first 30 days or they’ll go search for someone else who can get them  Syntek Global +100% Commissions

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