Youngevity Reviews & Top Recruiting Secrets

You’re looking at this post as you’re evaluating Youngevity reviews from either a product standpoint, business opportunity, or both.



youngevity Youngevity Reviews & Top Recruiting Secrets

I’m going to make your Youngevity reviews much shorter by providing you with the facts that other reviewers (marketers) won’t end up covering…because they aren’t trained to see a lot of these things in company structure, management, timing, & culture.

You have to understand the pillars of evaluating a company when you’re doing your Youngevity reviews but you also have to have an attractive way to market it (or any biz) that people will actually want to do : )



As far as choosing health, wellness, and anti-aging…according to Paul Zane Pilzer, you’ve certainly got the next trillion dollar industry. Thus you can check that off your box.




After your Youngevity reviews you’ll join them or something else… either way, use this %100 commissions front end system to grow any business from home & monetize those that don’t join your business.


Youngevity has been around for a while, since 1997 actually (as they claim on their site). What’s good to take notice of in your Youngevity reviews is that the company was founded by a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Joel Wallach. So they’re based in the philosophy they preach.



A lot of companies who have challenges getting into momentum or even critical mass for that matter, will open up many divisions of the company, thinking more options for consumers will equal more growth.



Only network marketing company to have an FDA approved health claim, regarding DHA. The irony with this is, no closer or producer ever recruits big teams based on that, because nobody who produces (type A personalities) dont care about it.



As you look at these Youngevity reviews, you should also understand why companies go through multiple mergers. If you’re joining a successful 15 year old company, there are many that far exceed $50 Million, which is about what Youngevity did.



I am in a health & wellness company which shall remain unnamed that has grown every year since it started in 20o2 and is up %30 from last year (2011) this time, tracking to do $400 Million.



Please understand, its not about my company, its about what you want to look for in a company. You want to see that they have systems that work from marketing the products to marketing the business. You can tell this analytically with the year to year numbers or kinesthetically by looking at their website.




One of the biggest things you should consider in your Youngevity reviews is; “Would I perceive the website to be sharp, easy to navigate, & look cutting edge as a prospect?




Here is a secret nobody will tell you in this industry; if the company you’re looking at doesn’t have the resources to produce videos about its products, but especially its compensation plan product, that is a red flag.



When your Youngevity reviews take you to their compensation plan explanation, it only explains the ranks, as does their pdf. Its very nebulous because it is somewhat of an antiquated compensation plan; only paying down to certain levels.




Whether you join this company after doing your Youngevity reviews or another, if you’re upline doesn’t have a system to market other than chasing friends and family, going to 4 networking events a week, & cold calling, then you need this system…




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One other good thing about Youngevity is that they have a fair amount of network marketing experience in their management team. This is key. You want a nice blend of corporate Fortune 100/500/1000 experience as well as direct sales leaders who have proven results in the field.




Other people, especially young producers (who you want on your team), who are doing their Youngevity reviews, will look to see if you have an attractive way to marketing the business…if it isn’t attractive nobody will want to do it!




Imagine people calling you to do their Youngevity reviews (or whatever company you join) with you business by using a direct response marketing system that is all set up for you.



The secret is to have a system anyone can use to target interested people & make money from the ones who DON’T end up getting started.




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I look forward to getting to know you, your dreams, & empowering you to lock arms with the top marketers on & offline to explode your business.

To Your Legacy,


PSIf you’re team members don’t have an attractive way to build their business and they don’t get into profit in the first month, you’re going to lose them to somebody who can get them Youngevity + 100% Commissions.


I'm SO SICK of seeing people "Review" a network marketing business & products with a HEAVY tilt towards selling that person on their "system" or training.  Youngevity is a great company, publicly traded, over 500 products.  Dr. Joel Wallach - founder has a 40 year history of success in this industry - his message is well known and respected.  Jay NaPier


Sorry you feel that way, Jay. Youngevity is awesome. Some people find it valuable to learn how to market, especially if they want to attract young rock stars ; ) You need a turn key marketing platform & training system for them to speak to their target market inside their social networks effectively. Because I used to do it the hard way, I absolutely know in my heart of hearts that I am providing value or I wouldn't put my name behind this system that has gotten me results. Warmly, David


David, "Rock Star"...  That's a term generally used by new age, affiliate marketer type networkers.  Youngevity, is a classic company.  My sponsor has been with the company for 13 years, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals, was voted one of the top 25 network marketers by the MLMIA and he's also on the radio. His downline boast several hundred thousand people.  I'm not saying all this to impress you or anyone who might find this, but to really impress upon those who read this that the Company and Products are what a Review is about.  If I'm reviewing St. Johns Burgers - I don't start out by talking about how to market the burger joint.  What specials should be run or how to attract great employees. I talk about what I ordered from the menu, how it tastes, how friendly the staff was, why I liked it.  Let's call a spade a spade - you're trying to get SEO for Youngevity Review. Have you ever even tried any of Youngevity's products??  Have you spoked with Steve Wallach?


 Hi Jay, I'm in a traditional networking company where 99.9% build traditionally as I do as well, but yes, I love me some leverage. Internet wise, anybody who's done anything successful blogging, has started out doing reviews.  BTW, I see we have quite a few amazing friends in common on FB. Talk soon, D